Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you guys that school has started for a while now and school work and study is going to take a bit of time and I might not be able to update as regularly as I did these past few weeks, however! I will still try my best to upload as much as possible.


@Ice_Kitsune4801  I Love your stories. Take your time in updating.


@Ice_Kitsune4801 Upload when ever you can.You don't have to worry!  I love your stories and I will wait as long as I have too.


What was your inspiration for writing the fanfic "Touching the Untouchable"? TELL ME PLEASE, I'm looking for a fanfic where Naruto lost his father by suicide and his stepmother who was a prostitute abandoned him, Naruto has two children (or just one), becomes a prostitute for money and being without a job, Itachi finds him one day and invites him to be his secretary, Naruto is hesitant because he has to work To the brothers of his children's parents, but after a while he accepts. Like that, you know?