Hey, here are some things to know about me...
Full time student
Part time waitress
And a writer.
I love music and would die without it. My favorite bands are Nickelback, 30 sec. to mars, eveecence, this new band called Early Rise (you should really check them out!) Rihanna.... actually there are too many to put down, but you get the idea.
I love to write, read, draw, play the guitar and piano and I am currently learning three different languages
Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (wanderful) day
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    Nov 21, 2012 03:44PM

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One Million Pieces (on hold)

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Description: Jay lives in a futuristic world where the most intelligent students goes to the best universities and get great jobs and lots of money, as for those who do not do not do so well does not. The government, more...