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Love in an English Port

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Description: Wang Yao was in Singapore, to work, get enough money that he doesn't really need, and then-- get the hell away from the strange island-country as fast as a plane can fly to China. He never wanted to be involved in some weird nonsense his brothers fo...

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Goode High Reads PJO/HoO

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Meeting The Odd Squad

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The Warriors Of The Night

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This or That

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no, I am not. I support it, but am afraid that a spitfire will erupt between both sides. I'm gonna keep the lgbt to a minimum, but there will be a few hints here and there, there are no official pairings that I have not stated. There are a few changes in the book, and I'm just too lazy to correct it in this one. Besides, this book is supposed to be for entertainment purposes, if you find it offensive to you, then please do not read this book. You can throw flames at me all you want, but I will make it clear to you; whatever happens in this book is for entertainment only. I mean no offense, if you find it offensive, either you remove this book, or you state which part you did not like. I would try to change it, or I would make it up to you by "adding" it in. I can't please everyone. 
      Please do state where you think I can change, in this or future chapters, this book has gone a little stale in ideas, and I'm adding (not considering, I've made up my mind) to add in scenes where the same-gender (for I am too lazy to specify who) ships have a "moment". But I can't find a pair that will fit in, in the current situation where my book left off. Nico and Will, I'm on it but there really isn't much I can take, since Rick left it there for readers to guess. So, if you would spare me for a while, after I complete another chapter, I will change this chapter, if you want. 
      If you have any other thoughts that you would like me to know, please email me via elphia.moo@gmail.com, for I don't usually reply to Wattpad asks. My sister was the one to inform on this message. Thank you for bringing up my blunder, I will try to change it after my exams.