“Many of my movies have strong female leads - brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.”
— Hayao Miyazaki


Welcome to my humble abode, the names Caitlin and I'm welcoming you all the way from down under.

I've decided to put up a few about me tips to help you build an image of me in your mind [plus this section is about me - so I guess it suits]

✦ 18

✦ I love anime [especially studio ghibli films]

✦ music taste includes: trap [dj], classic rock, indie - so basically a mix of everything depending on my mood

✦ laugh way too much for my own good and usually over the stupidest things

✦ fluent in swearing

✦ I tend to zone out a lot

✦ beach, bush, city I love almost every scenery especially places where you can take amazing photos

✦ I'm in love with all animals - especially cats both big and small

✦ I don't love bugs or spiders however and have massive fear for these tiny critters

✦ I'm also afraid of heights, roller coasters and fast motion, and being rejected from society

✦ I hope to improve my drawing and painting skills so I can express the beauty in my mind to show the world

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Share Your Stories: Book 1 // under construction

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Full of books that will make me laugh, cry, scream, open up and eat loads of ice-cream. Find out about t...

Please check out my books :) They unfortunately don't have many readers but I personally don't think they are bad and the story line is great I an just desperate for my books to be noticed and loved :) :) Thank you 
socially-awkward-maree.tumblr.com <-- check it out! I'm only new to tumblr but I think over the next few months I'll be combining my Wattpad with my tumblr account (so updates for when I'll be putting out new work and old work [Sunlight] chapters I will post a tumblr post! Follow for those updates plus also sneak peeks of books) even interested in sharing my favourite reads out there to the tumblr world! But I need your help!! xo Check it out you won't be disappointed (well its blank at the moment but in a few months it won't be so boring, and you never know I might end up featuring your books if I really enjoy them and with your permission)
Hey everyone wow I've been away from wattpad for so long! Sorry for the neglect from mail, comments and everything in between. Hopefully I can get to everyone!! ❤️❤️ it's great to be back
I saw that u were promoting stories so heres goes: HEY! I'm writing a paranormal story called Orange! (BTW not about fruits!)
      Annabelle's life started out normally. She went to school, had a family and lots of friends. By 3rd grade, She finally felt as if she was starting to fit in. Until everything just went crashing down on her... America was hit by the disease of a century, IAAN. Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration. Annabelle knew her life was over, she knew she would die. But she didn't. Her fate was much worse. Along with her two best friends, Mia and Skylar, she's sent to Thurmond and classified as a green. Little does she know that's not what she is at all. 
      One day all the power goes out in Thurmond and she escapes along with Mia. She will do anything to get Skylar back, who they left at camp. They come across a tribe of kids headed home to western New York, back home to Buffalo where they all came from. But will Annabelle be able to get Skylar out of Thurmond before it's too late and can she manage to stay away from the tribe's leader and her 3rd grade crush Jacob? Or will it be too late for Annabelle to use her orange powers and save them all?
      This is the link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/28391087-orange
      Hope you can read it or check it out!