Name is Sydney don't wear it out >.< hehe a lot of people tell me i'm like Kat from victorious :p i'm really random and hyper :D 

NEVER give me sugar O_O i get WAAAAAY to hyper :D

I live in new york -.- its boring here :p

*Quick Fire*
Favourite Singer: Too Many!
Favourite food: WAAAAY too many!!!
Favourite Song: don't have one
Favourite Movie: The Outsiders
Favourite Book: The Outsiders & To Kill A Mockingbird
Sign: Leo :)
Bestie/sister on here: @xXweirdchicXx
(That's all i can think of -.-)


and i dont know anymore off the top of my head i use to but they changed em -_-
Any who peaskies!! PLease follow :D!!! (Don't Judge me i cause i spell things differently than others :) thanks!)

My sister from another mister is @xXweirdchicXx Love her! She is officially my co-editor & co-author on my account!! And i'm hers so we will be on each other's account working on stories to make them AWESOME!!! Love ya Bree!! <3 #SistersForever #BFF's <3333

ANYWHORE!!!!! I'm out!!! Dueces!!!
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    why??? STALKER O.O
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IWantACarrot IWantACarrot 2 years ago
@tardisaddiction No problem!!! I do too! she's so funny!!
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