Hi everyone! Welcome to my profile. :)

Bits and pieces about me:

-last 2 years of high school..hoooola
-huge procrastinator but an IB student like will I actually survive?
-lazy...yeah...like really.

Also I'm a writer. Kinda. I enjoy writing, but haven't come up with anything good recently, as you can tell. Or well I actually came up with something a month ago but I havent writteb enough to post anything...I'm afraid of the commitment.
All the works I have on here are from many years ago. Many as in almost 3-4 years ago. Honestly, if I was to stumble onto my own works as a reader, I would never read the stories. Nonetheless I appreciate the support, and I would love to get back to writing soon.

Also I am constantly on here so I still notice everything. Every follow and vote counts. :)

Twitter - @JustineL1999
Quotev - http://www.quotev.com/19719965

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ILikeCupcakes ILikeCupcakes 5 months ago
its kinda mindblowing how you guys still vote for my stuff 'cause honestly if I was to read my stuff today I would cringe. lol. 
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