Ayee Welcome! You can call me Riann (Ryan) if you want or tbh call me whatever cause I just don't care ^~^

Random Fact Dump- I'm a geek, nerd, weirdo whatever the freak you wanna sort me in. I'm literally a fan of everything! My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Riverdale, TVD, The Flash, Supergirl, Voltron, YOI, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and SVTFOE.

Photography is one of my passions at the moment *flashes camera* 📸

@ space.is_gay and @anime__noob

My SHIPS (consists of gay butterflies)- Klance, Shyland, Phan, Septiplier or Jelix(I can't choose) Victurri, Drarry, Devan, and Tomco.

I'm a Panny! (Aka Pansexual) If you are too then I LOVE YOU (I promise I'm not creepy) 💖💛💙

I am as well Demiromantic (I'm too lazy to explain it to so look it up) If you're demiromantic as well then HI THERE! ❤️

✏️I write books, but I'm an okay author. If you want you can check out my books. Most of them aren't published yet because I might be redoing some of them or I'm still trying to finish them. :)

Voltron is my new fav series right now! KeithXLance is the best ship of all time.

ALSO if you haven't watched the Free YouTube animated series Camp Camp pleaseeee do so! ITS FRACKING AMAZING!🙃MAx caNnOt Be aNymOre LIke me!🙂

Anyway if ya like my profile or just me being weird give me a follow, if yuh a want to that is.. And Yeah.

Spread around the hashtag if you think life is trash:
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So I've been gone for a long while p! Hello! Also I just reached 400 followers?? WTF? Thank you so much! <3 this is such a nice surprise 
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