Keeping my stuff safe for now so this account doesn't get taken down sorry guys its only temp till I take a minute to make another account. This isn't permanent


hey hope all is well, really hoping you’ll get Drafted back up, it’s one of my favourite books and I absolutely love your writing, please please please get it back up 


Hey I’m sure you’re probably busy or something with life but I just wanted to say that your fanfic Drafted was by far the best fanfic I’ve ever read and I’ve read almost every single one at least the famous ones so I was really really hoping you could try and get it up on here or at least some other account or somewhere else I reaaaaallllllyyyy wanna read it I’m starting to forget it but it was so beautiful I don’t want to it’s a humble request you don’t have to if you don’t want to but I know so many people adore your work you need to find a way to bring it back out pleaaaseeee I’m gonna be so sad without it I beg you to at least try. Thank you so much for being such an amazing writer if you see this please respond and let me know if Drafted is up somewhere or at least assure me that you will get it up and then let us know when it is thank you so much love you 


Looking forward to Laurens voice to be up again, i had a really strong urge to read the book today and i clicked on it and nothing m