I'm Airr.
Tumblr is my life and will basically rap's up how I feel about 45% of the time.
I am a pintrest addict and have no shame.
I have a tendency to say what I feel 98% of the time and don't hold back.
I don't follow back only because there are so many of you.
If you are to msg me asking for me to read your story please do it privately.
I do BLOCK Kids that are younger than 15.
If I call you a coffee bean I am not being mean to you. That's what I call my readers.
If profanity offends you don't msg me.
If sarcasm pisses you off please don't msg me.
And I read almost all types of stories.

http://canisitonyourface.tumblr.com/ (Explicit.)
Email: lmfao72274@gmail.com
Fancy: http://fancy.com/Erikajayy722

"My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom in to constellations"
- John Green

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Stories by †Airr†
Karmas A Real Bitch. by IAmKitten_HearMeRoar
Karmas A Real Bitch. Teen Fiction
"What more do you want from me?! You have ruined my football career, and my popularity!" I look at Devon and give out an unatractive snort. "Devon all you have named is materialistic things! You st...
Bring me to life by IAmKitten_HearMeRoar
Bring me to life Teen Fiction
Grace is heart broken, pissed, and hurt when her mother died. She was promised that the crime would not go un sloved. But just when she thought justice would be served, lt wasnt. And surly wasnt what her mothers ki...
Rumor Has It... by IAmKitten_HearMeRoar
Rumor Has It... Action
"You're the creator of the site?" I ask looking at her gruff apperance, noticing the mud and sticks in her fiery red hair. "Suprised?" She taunts flipping the knife back and forth between her f...
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