Hello.... And welcome to my profile.
My name is Sara. I write fantasy and paranormal - type stories.

Sometimes I can go a long time without uploading or even checking Wattpad, so please be patient. I also sometimes do not have the attention span to read on the computer, seeings how there are so many other things to do on the internet.
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Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire

92 2 6

Twins Rylee and Deirdre grew up in an orphanage in Albuquerque, New York, never really knowing the truth...

Endless Shadows

Endless Shadows

522 15 21

Jacinda had a sad childhood. Her mother was killed by a demon when she was 3 years old, and her father...

Her Song

Her Song

68 3 5

Horrible consequences occur when an entire village is entranced.



60 2 5

Eighteen year old Ella has always been a a social outcast. Her parents are both dead, her adopted family...

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