I don't usually do this unless the writing is good, but you should all read this story. It's only the prologue right now but I'm sure it's going to be amazing! :)


@Meme21 Thank you! :)
          @alexisscarletshard Send me the link & I'll add it to the list :)


Heyy :)
            I feel bad because I promised to read your story liak..... 8 months ago! 
            I've finally gotten round to reading it(and going on my page)
            And can i just say that 'That Fame Belongs ro ME'is AMAZING :)
            Oh and i really liak the concept for 'the girl in striped pajamas' (hopefully I'll get time to read that too
            All in all.... Kepp writing :)


Hello there! :) If I do remember we were doing a story together? well i'm sorry I have not been on for like 7 months:) but if you're still up to that story message me:)


They're awesome! Thanks. :D I'll let you know if I decide to use one of yours


Hey everyone. I've set up a site and if you want any of your book covers/trailers/poems/books to feature on the site then send me a message! It'll be a great way to promote it :)


hi there i wud luv for u to check out my novel "A Christmas Wish" it is a historical fiction romance set in the high middle ages.......if u can find the time plz try it and tell me what u think:-)


I would love my story to be reviewed on your website. I also made a pretty neato cover for it too :)
              Riley is a rude-mannered girl who's never had her first kiss. Heath is the school's biggest playboy. They're the worst people to turn to when it comes to dating, but an opportunity for quick cash makes these anti-love believers team up to pose as the school's greatest matchmakers.


Hey guys! For those of you that read any messages from me, I'd just like to recommend this AWESOME story. It's really sad, but yet still realistic. The author only joined today so it'd be really great if you could help her out by reading and leaving a comment.
          Please do check it out.


Hey fan! Sorry if this bothers you, but I have a new story up that I just started writing, 'Stuck'! If you wouldn't mind at all, I would love for you to come and check it out! Thanks, Kaylen Marie!

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