I am Eponine Kim Sokorah Saigon and Rezzie Isang Gallardo (Facebook Accounts)

"You don't get 500 million friends without making an enemy/enemies"
-The Social Network

-Mostly catches my attention are Romcom/Romantic books (Cause I'm a hopeless romantic person😛)
-I read all types of books (I'm not choosy😊).

*I'M into Science💡, History🔙🔎🌎 and Literature🌐 of different Countries 🌎🌍🌏
-kinda weird,? I guess😕 but; yes! I love reading and watching history science's, literature and documentary videos, it helps me a lot and broaden my mind(About different cultures and attributes of different countries to one another)

*I love watching movies and films
-ROMCOM (Ofcourse)
-and others

*I hate BULLIES 😠

*But I take suggestions and criticism as my inspiration to become a better person 😊😀
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