About me? Well, I'm certainly a romantic. I love happy endings, but I'm not afraid to leave my readers depressed or hanging ;)
Writing books is one of my favorite pass times and I really enjoy reading feedback (even the ones that tell me I need to fix stuff. Especially those ones). I'm going to be publishing a book of my own soon and I'm really hoping it'll be a hit ^.^
I love animals
I'm a potter-head (Luna all the way!)
I fall in love with people (whether they are real or not xD) far too quickly and end up smashing into the ground.
I work as a waitress and love meeting new people.
I have tased someone multiple times (it's really fun)
I love just being.
I'm confident in who I am and what I want to become.
I have an irrational fear of spiders ^.^
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Description: Revenge is all she wants. Once a girl of privilege, now a deadly weapon that only years of pain and obsession could create. She's always been the best, an excellent pupil and a master killer. As she works her way closer and closer to him, she finall...

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I turned over onto my back just before the man snatched up a fistful of my hair. He yanked me up, settin...

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Clips of This and That

Clips of This and That

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These are just little scenarios I might think up while I'm at school or something. Some will be scary, s...

All In the Name of Fun

All In the Name of Fun

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** THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO KIDNAPPED** After Ashley and Andrew made a life for themselves, they had a bea...

per popular request: there will be another book to the kidnapped series ^.^ But.... it's gonna be about a boy instead of a teen girl, so buckle up my friends! It'll be written after I finish Unbreakable, and it'll go up, probably about the same time my new romance novel will come out ^.^
      Remember to vote and comment! tell me what you like and dislike in my writing ^.^
      Thank you so much for reading my books. the feedback I'm getting is phenomenal! you guys are the absolute best!!! ^.^
Hystride commented on Kidnapped - A Hero's Ending

awwww shucks ^.^ I'm flattered ^.^ Thank you so much for reading!! ^.^ if you liked this one, I think you'll really like Unbreakable. it's a lot like this one but- different xD Of course, there is the sequel to this one too if you're interested ^.^
You guys have no idea how excited I get when you give my newest books attention xD It's comparable to the euphoria of seeing your waitress come with your food xD
Can I just- fangirl over my followers for a second??
      1,313 followers.... holy Hannah, you guys! This is amazing! Thank you so much for reading and liking my books.  You guys are simply fantastic and I love you all... so much xD
do you ever just write a sentence and then sit back and admire it? just kinda "I wrote that... that beautiful piece of literature...."
      It's nice and really doesn't happen often xD