I like the smell of wet dog...I've been trying to convince Bath & Body works to make it into a fragrance smell. 

I find solace in books as well as in nature. I love reading literary classics & then proceeding to watch the Crash Course episode coinciding with the book when I am finished.

I placed second in my 6th grade spelling bee.

I never forgot to feed my tamagotchi, therefore I will make a great father.

I like talking to strangers.

I love to have interesting conversation.

I am interested in just about everything, & aspire to know more knowledge than Google.

Brave New World is my favorite dystopian novel.

I love to free form write, & I love tortoises.

I collect leaves, but I am biased towards fall leaves because of their beautiful colors.

I like taking walks before sunset.

I like to stare at the clouds and think to myself what they resemble.

I like waffles, I can eat a whole box in one sitting.

I have a car, I named her Lizzy.

I enjoy learning about history.

I love philosophy & psych

I used to be skilled at the yo-yo as well as being a skilled razor scooterist.

I like garlic and onions but do not like how it makes my breath smell afterwards, thank you food scientists for making chewing gum.

I like classical music & I like eggs.

I can hold my breath for one minute.

I want to have a Pokemon as a pet, preferably a Dragonair because it looks easy to fly and she can swim on water too.

I want to find a magic carpet so that I can replicate the famous Aladdin scene...that means I need to learn how to sing and find a Jasmine, and also a genie...anyone know where I can find a magic lamp.

I eat breakfast for dinner.

I like to doodle.

I talk during movies.

I like museums, thrift stores & antique shops. Furthermore I love to explore new places, try new foods & try new activities.

I like to stare at the stars and the moon with sunglasses on so that way they don't think I am a creep. I also like to ponder on existence, life, etc. etc.
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