Get To Know Me Better Through The Alphabet:
A- Artisticish XD I'm not good at it though
B- Birthday is in December
C- Cameras and Photography are awesome
D- Donuts are love. Donuts are life.
E- Extreme Procrastinaor
F- Friends are the most awesome creatures on Earth
G- Gods are made. Not born.
H- Halsey is bae <3
I- I like food.
J- Juggler, or at least I used to be able to
K- KitKat
L-Love is a word I've not experienced
M-Music for writing is random af
N- Netflix and Chill ;)
O-Orange is a strange colour...
P-PSL are such an over rated thing
Q- Queen of my imaginary world
R- Rubber Ducks. I'm random.
S- Sleep is what I always needing
T- T-Shirts and Jeans are the bae-st
U- I love U for reading this all
V- Very, very bad at writing
W- Writing is something I enjoy. Not something I'm good at.
Y- Young Gods
Z- Zoos. Only word I could think of xD

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Hey Everyone!I uploaded the first chapter of my first story and I'd appreciate it if you'd check it out!! Thank you so much <3
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