Hiyah everyone :D xx 

║██║♫ Paste this on
║██║♫ your page if♫
║(O)║ ♫you love♫
╚══╝♫ music♫
Listening to music helps me concentrate on writing my book.
I have an amazing best friend:-)
Im a filipino and a proud one.
(+'.'+)copy and paste Bunny
('')_('')on profile to help him gain
world domination

Please read my story its called The Story Of Us thank u xxx :)

I seem to be in love with Tangled ;) call me childish but I cannot help it :D xx
I love listening to music <3 It seems to calm me down and makes me relax ;)
Im currently writting The Story Of Us xx ;)
My fave colour is red, blue, purple and much more.......
I love painting, reading, writting and loads more :)

Well dats all for now :D xx <3

Enjoy reading The Story Of Us hope u all like it also thanks for da people reading, voting nd becoming a fan Ill make sure to fan u bck ;) xxx

Bye Bye :D <3 Luv u all! xx <3

HunniePie_18 =)


Here's the link to my story The Story Of Us hope u enjoy it xxx :D LUV U GUYS


PLZ check out my new book coming out thank uh! :D

Here is the link to my new story Dearest Nerd, With Love Jock!


Btw guys I often change my username. xD xxx

Here are some of the bands and singer I love:

Sum 41
The Cab

And loads more..............xx

Enjoy my story :D xxxxxx
4EverLove_xx =D xxx
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HunniePie_18 HunniePie_18 Sep 01, 2013 04:28PM
@candyyyyy465  of course I remember you!!! XD xx
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