You have come across my page! even if it's just an accident :p fan me? msg me? talk to me? I love people.

Uhh so I like One Direction and Romance books! Actually I like any genre but ya know ;)
So yeah :p
Um I'm 16 and I'm singleee.

If you have an instagram follow me @jacquelinestan19 ;)


Love you guys :)
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Huneybunches19 Huneybunches19 May 01, 2013 01:07AM
@VAWraith Aw shoot... I can't find it admist the spam haha 
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Room 319

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Description: After Grace graduates, shes out of her small town. All she wanted to do was have a relaxing vacation in Dublin, Ireland. Her vacation in anything BUT relaxing. On the first night she finds out that her room wa...


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