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Love Me Do

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Description: Zaed, Sophie's American-born friend, kneels at a party to retrieve a glittering ring from the floor.  Before anyone can comment, Natasha, Sophie's cousin, is shrieking 'yes, yes, I accept' to a bewildered Zaed.  It's all a cosmic mistake, but things...

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Eat My Shorts!

Eat My Shorts!

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I meant my short stories. Eat them. Gobble them all up and make for a 'happy' in the mind. In 2003, I s...

@AichZee lol!! I loved reading your review :) thank you so much for your kind words and I'm very happy you enjoyed LMD. Please, invite your friends to read and review as well! 
AichZee posted a message to Humeira
LOVE ME DO... My latest read... Ok, if I go with the sequence then the cover, the title and the intro, told me that I HAD TO read it. Romance, brides and weddings have always attracted me and especially if it is a typical Pakistani style wedding. So there was everything to make me stick to it from the first word to the last. And on the top of it all, there is this girl, Sophie whom I can very much relate to. Most of the times, before Sophie could say anything, I had the same words in my mind and when I read the next line.... *Eyes wide open* Seriously??? Is the writer reading my mind or what!!! This is the mastery of a writer, their piece should be so life-like that the reader lives through the pages. And I lived it. That's why I loved it.
      I don't want to give any spoiler here but can't help telling that after reading 'Love Me Do', I started eating paratha with a mug of tea in my breakfast. Why? You have to read it to understand it. And my husband and my mother are obliged to H. A. Kay for that :-) This is something even my parents couldn't make me do. Sophie is their champion.
      You know what, I'm sooooo envious of the people who haven't read it yet. They have such a wonderful experience ahead and they are gonna enjoy it so much. So what are you waiting for? Live 'Love Me Do'.
As a writer I've been called many things but my favorite moment is when a reader likens one of my own characters to me; be it Demon from Aoife & Demon or Sophie from Love Me Do. I may not always get the comparison but it's still very flattering. So, thank you :) #JoysOfWriting