My fingers just clicked the 'publish' button for the epilogue of Blood and Roses. 
          	It's the end, lovelies. 


@Reaperchick She is publishing all of her books - After the end she is going to wait about 2 months tops and take it off and publish them but don’t worry tho , Her books only costs 3.99 - 4 .00 tops.


@HumB01 why do you have to take down the story? Is it because you published TMAHA?


Hey Lylah I can’t find Victor’s story TMAHO ons wattpad any advice how to find it? Please 


What is the order for TMAHO, Leila & Isaak's story, Ayla & Alberto's story, TMAHB, Maddie's story, and Nina's story?


Hey. I was looking for the Mafia and his obsession. Did you take it down? :(


Wow. You are amazing. Just finished blood and roses. Can’t wait to get back to TMAHO. Don’t ever stop writing and don’t ever give into any negative criticism you get. These characters are who you created and you see and feel them. Even though someone doesn’t agree with the direction you went it was your choice. And I love the suspense and drama and not always taking a direction I thought. Thank you.