Hello >.<

im a wierd bipolar person. and i adore Emilie Autumn ^.^

i don't have much to say else then that orange is an awsome color and that i am kinda hyper- so don't feed me energy drinks >.>
i really like writing and painting, drawing is nice too. reading is awsome and i almost only read and write boyxboy. plz tell me if i should read your story :3 id love to. I like ranting and i talk alot, though i am shy >///<
i can be a bit of a creeper too...
i love my fans alot and i give them all huggies :) even if they dont want any >:3
also im a bit random. my friends are important... my three friends are important >.< god im so popular >.>
If i am lazy feel free to kick me

see ya ~.^
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    Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Sweden
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    Mar 31, 2011 05:15PM
HuggiePillow HuggiePillow Jun 08, 2012 10:04PM
@FrickinSunny haha its kinda funny that ive read your stories and forgotten to fan x3 haha
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