Before you ask questions YES we ARE modeled after HowBoysThink! No we are not going to copy and paste their stuff, and YES he (they) said it's okay if we do this as long as we don't copy and paste their stuff, basicly as long as our stuff was our own and original :)

Well I'm Gemma (Pronounced like Jemma... the G is a J sound) and I am the blonde. Not really... my hair is brown but I'm "blonde" in the sense of a "dumb blonde". Now I'm not trying to be mean to blondes... most of my friends are blonde in fact. But anyway I'm clumsy, funny, and ugly as crap! The others will try to deny it but just believe that they are prettyer than me! We each have other Wattpad accounts and mine is TeamJacob2500... maybe you could check it out *wink wink*. I will be the only one posting until you're told otherwise. c(:

I'm Tori, pronounced just like it's spelled. No, my name is NOT Victoria. Anywhoo, I'm probably the least... "blonde" of this group. I don't get the best grades.... but that's not the type of blonde we're talking about. So, anyways, uhm... I'm sorry I don't know what else to say... But my other wattpad is LuvBuggy131!! :)

Heyyyyyyyy!!! I'm Hallie, (pernounced Haley!!) I am also a blonde but not really I am as a brunette as you can get!!! I have another wattpad account the name is edwardsbaby soo yeah totally... My favorite color is lime green and I <3 Petta from the Hunger Games.... I am Team Jacob (Twilight), Team Petta ( The Hunger Games) Team Jack (Titanic... If you didn't know that you don't need to be here.... jk!!!) and don't believe the part about Gemma not being pretty!!! SHE'S LYING!!!! c(=

I forgot (maybe I already put this but oh well) to say that I (Gemma) will be the only one posting here unless you are told otherwise....

Thanks for checkin' out our profile! May the force be with you my young ninjas c(:
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@QueenOfRockNRoll lol tht scared me!!! I thought u were gonna report me or somethin'!! I was freakin' out!!!
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