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Raised by Demons

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Description: I’ve always had them with me, the beings no one else can see. Only recently did I discover the reality of what had been happening in my life. For years I have been taught how to walk, talk, and basically do everything by demons. Being from a family...


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Cry of the Wolf

Cry of the Wolf

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Sequel to Lone Wolf's Cry~~~ Three years have passed since Jaz killed her rogue mate. Now she's in LA on...



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The empire of Prendan, ruled with an iron hand of Morshen is starting to experience unrest within it's b...

Tales of Torment

Tales of Torment

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Letter to the Dead

Letter to the Dead

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Okey dokey, time for a schedule notification since I've added 2 more stories besides Cry of the Wolf.
      **Shadow- Mondays, weekly (need a little death and destruction on the beginning of the workweek, eh?)
      Raised by Demons-  Saturday, weekly
      Cry of the Wolf- Thursdays, weekly
      ** Shadow is the story previously known as Dark Guide. I made so many edits that the story line would probably be unrecognizable to most of you so I suggest rereading it even if you already read DG. 
      Thanks all, have a lovely week!