"things won't get better if you're gone.
you can't feel better if you're a carcass.
if it's the shadows that you're running from,
remember that dead eyes only see darkness."

~Gabbie Hanna


Hey, y'all!

Daffy the Dragoncat, here.

Welcome to the one place where you're allowed to be anything you want!

... With the exception of bigot, racist, anti-LGBTQ+, unaccapting, or mean.

Other than that, welcome to the trashiest you-be-you on the internet.

My bio is also really scattered and doesn't make sense, so if you're unorganized, HELLZ TO THE YEAH YOU'RE WELCOME HERE

What was I doing?

Oh yeah

What do you call a person who makes puns?

Poison :D

Stupid fact about me: I'm poison

*Cue the emojis to explain about myself because I'm too lazy to type out the words*




🙄 🍏🍎🍌🍐🍉🍇🍓🍊🍋🍈🥑🥝🥕🥒🍍🌽


After all that, you should be questioning my sanity.
Follow me and read my stuff if that's true.

And yes, I know how difficult to understand the emojis were. But that's what you get.

<P.S. If you ever need help with ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, just pm me. I'll reply as soon as I can. Even if I don't know you that well, I'll still talk if you just need to get stuff off your chest ❤️>
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