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« 12 Facts I learnt from Yaoi Mangas o.o «

1.Members of the Chinese and Japanese Mafia are ALL gays. There are no exceptions.
2.Straight men in Japan are all latent homosexuals, who just haven't discovered their desires yet.
3.If a good-looking man offers you a job, it sure'll contain some sexual services. You better be prepared!
4.Male tears look for potential lovers only among their male students. Relationships outside of the school building is strictly out of the question!
5.You can have a full erection after 30 seconds after you came. Several times in a night.
6.Buying condoms is a waste of money. There are no STDs in Japan.
7.If a guy says 'NO', it actually means 'I WANT MOAR'!
8.Men can have a sexual relationship with any underaged boy, because they're no penalties for it.
9.Rape is just a way to express your love.
10.If you get drunk with your best friend, you'll always end up having sex with them. ALWAYS.
11.Woman are evil creatures. I mean VERY-VERY EVIL! Beware of them!
12.If you can't cook, you never will be a good uke. NEVER
«Overall. Yaoi mangas are pretty awesome. «
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