I'm India, and I'm 19 years old.

Nice to meet you :)
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Hopeless Vendetta

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Description: Determination. Betrayal. Ignorance. Lust. When the Ivory Protection around Tralnay is lost, Auriel is asked to find the stones that will restore it. She has no choice but to embark on the quest with five companions. But when everyone is out to kil...

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The Conscience Slaves

The Conscience Slaves

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Society has begun to accept that werewolves are not mythical creatures but the result of bad genetics. H...

Outcast (ON HOLD)

Outcast (ON HOLD)

2.7K 42 15

When Blade's mum dies she is thrown into a world of misery to live with her aunt and three cousins. She...

okay so I'm also clearing my reading lists out... Some of you that asked me to critique will see the critiques in the next few days,  but I'm afraid I simply can't do them all because it's been so long and I want to start rejuvenating my wattpad.  feel free to pm me if you really wanted feedback :) x
has it really been a year since I've been on here? 
      Well, I'm back. As always if you're looking for an editor, swing my way and I'll happily go through your work in return for reads/feedback. 
      I'm hoping to continue uploading Hopeless Vendetta and may begin to continue with The Conscience Slaves. If you've read either of them before, please let me know which you preferred to read! Thank you, India