I'm not entirely sure what to write in this little white box, but I take comfort from the fact that whatever I write here will probably be forgotten. 

A few things to know about me:
- I'm laid back, but I can also be incredibly impatient.
- Writing is one of my favourite things to do, but then so is sleeping.
- I live in a dead end town at the bottom of England, a dreary and rainy one that you should all hope you never have to visit.
- I love reading other peoples' work and I will never be too busy to take a look at yours and either edit or critique it.

Hope to hear from you soon.

I x
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HopelessDreamer24 HopelessDreamer24 Dec 07, 2014 05:06PM
okay so I'm also clearing my reading lists out... Some of you that asked me to critique will see the critiques in the next few days,  but I'm afraid I simply can't do them all because it's been so lo...
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The Conscience Slaves

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Description: Society has begun to accept that werewolves are not mythical creatures but the result of bad genetics. However, this has led to the brutal testing on them by scientists, to try and "cure" these bad g...


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