Nervous/Anxious Author

Proud Boyfriend of Emilyn8522

It's a sub genre of Dubstep(Which I also love) and it is lighter and more Rhythm base, It is light and melodic, Not to be mistaken for Melodic Dubstep

Family on Watt:
-K1tty12-My Sister IRL, Hurt her you die
-Diarne-My Wattpad Sister, Hurt Her I'll bury you alive

My Special People:
-VitaMia18-She's my ShortCake!
-buggabooiloveyou-MEIN PANDA
-Whitefox1902- Kings GF, and my BFF
-Darkonex117 is my Bro
-KingdomPlayer456-Is also my bro
- _-_Circus_Baby_-_/Steph-She is my Charge as a security guard
-Dat_Dude_With_Dat- My IRL best friend with the stupid name
-Doodlebugs666- My Second BF
If you hurt ANY of them in ANY way, I will give you hell, I write a mean Report note...

Things to know:I'm Clinically Depressed
I'm in Sophomore year in Highschool (R.I.P)
I live in Arizona, it's not fun
Ask a question and I might be up to it

Don't ask about the Other Creepypastas, Slender doesn't like it when I tell people......Except Sally, Sally's cool

(HELLO PERSON, why are you still here? Anyways!)
(I'm Cody, I'm his Schizophrenic personality, I like a lot of the things that Hood does, I'm just......Louder really)
(I am completely random and almost of the time upbeat, but if I'm depressed, Something has seriously gone up Shits creek without a paddle)
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