Hey Everyone! It's time to announce the winner of the Flash Fiction contest! Who will an hour editing session with me!? It was a very tough decision, but I have selected the winner. Congratulations to @JaredPova! A big thanks to everyone who entered!


@HollyBlackAuthor @JaredPova I smiled instantly. It was comical and the spare-change-for-the-devil contrast to Holly's night club owning Lucifer I think is the perfect alternative. I will stop in and read your work soon.


Here's @JaredPova's winning piece for anyone interested (so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom like I did :') 
          	  I found Satan working in a coffee shop. One side of his head was shaved, and he wore an apron smeared with ruddy stains.
          	  	I knew it was him because of his eyes: deep blue like the ocean. Like a pointed sapphire—sharp and opulent.
          	  	These were the eyes of Lucifer. 
          	  	"What can I do you for?” He leaned across the counter. His long fingers were made for the piano. 
          	  	"I need to make a deal."
          	  	"What'll it be?" His smile was like a song out of tune--something off kilter.
          	  	"My brother’s sick."
          	  	"You want me to heal him?" 
          	  	I nodded.
          	  	"Sure." Another smile. The lines crinkled around his eyes. 
          	  	“Do you want my soul?” 
          	  	"No," he said. "A tip." He jingled the change bucket in front of me. 
          	  	I quirked an eyebrow.
          	  	"Hell, dude. Don't look at me like that," he sighed. "Even the devil needs to eat."


Came here on a recommendation to read a Caden and Jude book. Are the books no longer available? Is there somewhere I can get them?


@ Oui_Tis_Moi  x2


@closetwriterrr apparently they're no longer here ☠️


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          I can't believe that I'm writing this.I mean, the point is that I'm afraid that what I write will be a little bit stupid,because you've certainly seen such comments a million times. But you only live once and I know I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't express here, what I actually feel. So - I have read many books in my 17-year-old life (so many, that it's really hard to count them). And your books definitely belong to the ones I love the most(without which I can't imagine my life).Each time I read them, I find myself in an unusual world created by you. Every time I experience everything as if I was reading it for the first time. I am waiting impatiently for the next books (currently for the Queen of nothing-
          I can barely stand it, I want to know everything about Jude and Cardan!) Thank you for writing such an amazing stories and also thank you for that I feel like I have a second life (taking place in a world created by you)
           I hope that you'll read it