I reckon on being one of the lucky ones! I mean I've lived a long life, enjoyed a challenging, interesting and varied life.
I've not managed to keep much of the money I've made and I always reckon I made much more for other people than for myself, but that's life. I'm rich in health and experiences.
I found Janet, my life partner when I was past thirty at a time when I was beginning to think my companion on life's passage would be a bottle- Thank the Lord we got that sorted out.
We're a forward looking couple and when the time came they wouldn't let us work anymore and forced us into retirement, we saw that as another challenge.
The choice was simple, shut down and do nothing except wait for the call to the hereafter or do something. So we sold up in England and moved to France- new people, new culture, new language, new friends!
Like I said, I've lived a long time. My earliest recollections is being held in my mother's arms with neighbours outside our house looking at the red sky to the south - London burning in the blitz. Of course I didn't know it at the time. Then when I was four, this was just before what I learned was D-Day- but when I was much older.
That trip on the train to scotland and those GI's who sat opposite. Do you know I can see their faces now! all these years later. How they laughed when I said 'Give us some gum chum,' when they asked me to talk. It's what the bigger boys in the street said. I often wonder if they made it?
I'm so grateful to them and the thousands like them that gave us our freedom today!
I hope they were lucky ones too!

Just to let you know I'm dragging myself into the 21st century and am now on Twitter, @pgtHobnails. When I find out how to work it, I'll be posting there regularly.

And i've been told to tell you that I won the 2014 Limousin Writers Short Story competition with 'Second Chances." Seems a bit self-aggrandising to mention it, but I was told you'd want to know.
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@Mizzbliz Hi Yolanda, thanks for your read and staying with the story. 
      You’re right, there was and is a lot of talk on these subjects, but as far as I know there is still not a Federal Clean Water Act and the main reason is the cost to businesses and communities to implement it in a  wholesale fashion causing the piecemeal approach you mentioned. However, the bill might well be paid by the wastes themselves if processed to produce heat and energy. Wayne Fisher has some more arguments and solutions in following chapters. Best Wishes. Peter
The ‘Cousins’ latest chapter now posted.
      Greg Mitchell arrived in the USA in a state of shock after losing everything and by an accident meeting up with unfortunates learned for real what it was like to lose a privileged lifestyle and become a ‘have-not’in today’s world.
      He sets out to find himself and that there are several forces working to pull him in different directions. This chapter outlines one of those forces and perhaps the easiest and best course for Greg to get back to the top.
      The facts outlined by Wayne Fisher in this chapter are real and obtained by extensive research in private and university papers - so worry and enjoy. Best Wishes. Peter

How so true to life this is- red blood in a man does not discolour with increased age or lose its potency- it remains hidden somewhere until a Yelena arrives on the scene. And how intriguing now she is! What i that lass up to I wonder, how is she involved? But she’s blown her cover now. Could she risk McGee failing to set up a chase  to hide his ineptitude over losing the code. we will find out. A most enjoyable read. Voted

Yes I did enjoy the read and thank you. One or two parallels there to speak of. I associate the name ‘de Havilland’ with aviation. I suppose that’s becasue I had his factory on my doorstep as a boy.
      The village of ‘Bree’ is interesting as it is surprising what one can come up with by changing the first vowel. ‘Brae' - real village In Shetland, ‘Bree- your village; ‘Brie’ - a rather damp and pungent cheese when ripe. ‘Broe’- urban dictionary, like ‘Bro’, but better, ‘Brue,’- the gaelic name of yet another village on the Scottish Isle of Lewis. Incredible Voted
This comment may be offensive.
The ‘Cousins’ is labelled ‘Mature’ and there seems nothing I can do to change that on the site. The story therefore suffers through lack of exposure and ‘clicking-away’ of would be readers who wish to avoid contact with pornography or erotica. Yet ‘Cousins’ is not like that. IT contains references to ( what might be deemed) the darker shades of life  and practices that populate modern society. The correct category for this story would be PG-16. ...If only there was such a category. Possible rewards of publication aside, my satisfaction would come from learning that one person, one vulnerable  - young or not so young- learned about grooming and the date rape drug from this story such that they were able to avoid the machinations of those who might use these practices to secure their own ends.  That’s it, that’s The ‘Cousins’. It ought not be labelled ‘Mature’ other than in the maturity in the sense of responsibility with which it is published here.