I reckon on being one of the lucky ones! I mean I've lived a long life, enjoyed a challenging, interesting and varied life.
I've not managed to keep much of the money I've made and I always reckon I made much more for other people than for myself, but that's life. I'm rich in health and experiences.
I found Janet, my life partner when I was past thirty at a time when I was beginning to think my companion on life's passage would be a bottle- Thank the Lord we got that sorted out.
We're a forward looking couple and when the time came they wouldn't let us work anymore and forced us into retirement, we saw that as another challenge.
The choice was simple, shut down and do nothing except wait for the call to the hereafter or do something. So we sold up in England and moved to France- new people, new culture, new language, new friends!
Like I said, I've lived a long time. My earliest recollections is being held in my mother's arms with neighbours outside our house looking at the red sky to the south - London burning in the blitz. Of course I didn't know it at the time. Then when I was four, this was just before what I learned was D-Day- but when I was much older.
That trip on the train to scotland and those GI's who sat opposite. Do you know I can see their faces now! all these years later. How they laughed when I said 'Give us some gum chum,' when they asked me to talk. It's what the bigger boys in the street said. I often wonder if they made it?
I'm so grateful to them and the thousands like them that gave us our freedom today!
I hope they were lucky ones too!

The earlier chapters of The ‘Cousins’ have now been extensively revised and published on KIndle and Amazon as an e-book and paperback under the title ’The Stopover - A New Road’.


The second revision will follow in Sep 2015 as ‘The Stopover-Potholes’ Watch this space for news!

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@Sauthca  How very perspicacious of you Carey. I have decided to deal with the body of this information in a side novella when I come to publish this part of the story. The novella will cover the two weeks that Greg will visit Wayne in Florida. This biogas /syngas theme is tending to dominate Cousins at the expense of the other themes. I have cut back quite a lot of the technical issues already such as Ruthenium catalysts for dealing with the more awkward wastes and for making further use of the residues from fluidized gasification - leading into a  more sustainable energy policy for the good of us all and the planet. 
      The rewrite will be the time to cut this down, but for now I want to give Wattpad readers something to think about - as with biodiesel. 
      Today the news carried complaints of the residents of Cuffley in leafy Hertfordshire where a farm has diverted into aerobic composting - smell, flies.  If the farmer had installed a gasifier to process his biowaste there would be no smell, no flies, energy offtake and a valuable biochar residue. He’s missed a trick. Thanks for your read, comment and support. Much appreciated. Peter
Ma Tooley is not at all happy when the good news that Wayne Fisher hands out means she did not need to endure the stink and the flies from the manure heaps that have sprung up around Bamptonville in recent years.
      Read about it in the latest chapter. Now posted

@Sauthca  Thank you Carey I am most grateful for your support. There is more to come in this chapter. I have separated it into parts to better suit the Wattpad model. I do get a bee in my bonnet about waste recycling- properly organised waste recycling. please don’t get me going on my thoughts of Western democracy and its career politicians - that is one big Bee.
      Did you know that ‘Tony B liar MP’ is an anagram of 'I am Tory Plan B”  Hope you enjoy a pleasant weekend.  Peter