Well my name is Aria, I freaking Love Diggy Simmons and My best friend is Selema : ).
I'm.... old enough.....
A Sagittarius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to be a writer when I am older.

I would go to school and study literature...but that's just too much work lol

I'm a HUGE procrastinator.

I have a bit of a fucking potty mouth...ooops pardon my french.

I have this sick obsession with Greek mythology

I reckon I'd be a great princess hahahaha

I dream...alot, but dreams are just the blue print for reality : )

I rarely write about the same thing...one day it's fan fiction, the next it's werewolf...who knows what my brain will come up with next? lol

I have a really overactive imagination...

And I love reading and writing stories : ) Tell me what you think.


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Dont be shy...CONSTRUCTIVE... Criticism is my friend : )
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Constantly checks email for comments.......is constantly disappointed. :(
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