About time I edited this portion, is what it's about.

I write cause I like to do so; and things that I want to read, and also, that tickle my brain. My characters are what they are. Some times I make them that way intentionally; most times, they come through without any put on intentions by me. So when they are assholes, or Mary Stus, or blander than refined wheat, I can't say it's my intention for them to be so most of the time.

About messages, I rarely remember to check on them, so I apologise in advance for not responding ASAP.
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Description: After a drunken one-night stand, Jenga finds out that the go-to guy on campus for a great sexual experience is Mikal. He doesn't hesitate to approach Mikal, and lay out his cards, which are mostly him wanting sex with Mikal. Mikal agrees to a casual...


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Thorny Rosebush

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Jacob has learned to accept that he is different and knows keeping it a secret is important to living as...

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a lighter way: WIP

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Syron is a nomad. Kareena is a settler. They aren't supposed to like each other. Settlers are told to ke...

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Shoesxoxoxo posted a message to Hinged
I really hope u update 'Try me' soon. I really enjoy reading ur book and the book u wrote'Predictable People' is finished in case u forgot. I love that book. ♥♥
Greetings readers;
      I just realised I never finished a story on here. Apologies, apologies. I thought it was done. I shall work to finishing it.
Hello new followers. Thank you for following. It is much appreciated.
      I am a slow, very, very slow updater, as I prefer to work out a story till it's near end presently. So, right now, I'm working on a rewrite, and will post it when it's done; if not near done.
      Thank you for reading.