21 years old. College sophomore (credit-wise).
I'm only using this for reading some stories on here.
The Story Purgatory is like a purgatory for books I haven't really decided to read yet but cannot let go. There's a lot of lists as well, which is the continuation. It's basically just a long reading list, lol.
Looks like my new hobby is adding on to my ever-growing reading list.
I really like Über shitty self-insert/self fulfilling/OC fanfics.
If you're wondering what the express list is, then let me explain -- it is a list that helps me read through the stories I have stockpiled. The finished ones, at least. I take some time to carefully go through each purgatory list and pull out the ones that I will read. If I don't do that, then I will forget about the stories.
If you ever stumble upon this profile, please suggest some historical/fiction based in China. I really like those, along with palace intrigue, wuxia, xianxia, transmigration, etc. As long as it's in China.
I really like fantasy in general though.
However, I really, REALLY LIKE high fantasy! If you read stories and books like LotR and GoT, please recommend me some! And yes, I actually like GoT for the plot!
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