ALL of my stories are purely made from my imagination. PLEASE DON'T try to steal those because I worked so hard in every story I made. If, somehow, you still plan to, you can Go Fuck Yourself in Hell you dipShit. I'll hunt you & I'll torture you I'll make sure you'll suffer a gruesome death.

I swear.

Any of my works CAN'T be reproduce in any form without my consent.
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"Aging is quite similar to death. Some people stand up to aging and death as if it were nothing.

Only once people deny that which they love, do they become able to create it anew.

Perhaps, the book I write, too, will die one day just like my body will. However, people have to accept that death is unavoidable. They will probably be gone in ten years. Their books will no longer exist in a hundred years. People accept this. Eternity is promised neither to humans nor to books. We live because we were born.

If the system possesses the power of life and death over you... you're no longer a human. You're livestock.

No matter how hard a rancher tries to pretend otherwise, they never recognize their livestock as friends.

It's a mystery to me... How is it that these people, treated as livestock in this boring society, have not tried at all to destroy it? Nothing in this world is eternal. The only thing that truly exists is the splendor of the souls that atone for their sins."
-Makishima Shogo, Psycho-pass

Now, some info about me:

** Apparently, I'm an ENTP, enneagram 8w7.

This should give you an idea about how crazy of a person I am. Here are some things about ENTPs:

-The optimist who just want to see the world burn
-The nice asshole
-The honest bullshitter
-High IQ + mental age of five
-The rational unrealistic
-The introverted extrovert
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