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I am eighteen years old, I love writing and I have been writing since I was about eleven. Most stories I write never make it to the end actually written but when I find time and inspiration I write many different ideas. I plan to put my stories, ones which have direction, on here and I hope you enjoy them :)
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Hidden_Forever Hidden_Forever Jun 16, 2013 09:41PM
Hello Everyone Long time no see :) I'm back. I have put Butterfly Flutterby and Eye for An Eye on hold at the moment as I'm a little stuck with them :( wont be long i promise :D anyway, I have added...
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Kill The Dragon

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Description: Growing up for Theodora and her younger sister Evangelina wasn't happy or normal. Locked in a tower most their lives, the kingdom told that Theodora had died with their mother. Without a family and with the ai...


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