Tara and Bethany's joint accounts :)

Tara's Account: Motherfuuuker
Bethany's Account: LilMofo

EYOOOOOOO, This Be Tara Malik, thats my real name, so be jealous bitches. (;
Anyway, Im Tara, i have an account, its Motherfuuukeerr and im the writer of Malik's Stripper if you guys didnt know. I am sexy minded with a sexy imagination(; and i know One Direction......EPP! And I like food, its perfect and can i say i like sex? ;o Anyways, hit me up in my account and read my stories and comment an vote. Dont forget to do it in THIS account. And i hate bitches who think that they're the sexiest piece of shit on Earth when in reality they look like they came out of a cow's ass. Oh, never have sex at such a young age, you die. No drugs, no sex...just wait.
Your all bootiful so hush(;
Tara Malik (;

Ellow x3, I'm Bethany, well I ain't giving away my full name xD I have another account that is... LilMofo, yes I've known for many names, I just love changing my name once and a while, but I'll try not to anymore :) I'm insanely a huge fan of One Direction and forever will be. Please kindly fan my account (LilMofo), I write few stories, I tend to say it's bad but any who, it's your opinion. I like hunting for food around my house... That's basically my first hobby :D. Yeah okay, so like, I'm not as sexy minded as... Tara. I'm too cliche and a chicken at many things ;D There's probably a full list that will be away. Like I say to my fans, always stay beautiful and love 1D
~Much love from Bethany :) x
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