Names; CaL or Callie
I used to be like the popular kind of girl but now i'm like the girl everyone tries to chillL with but i'm too busy writing or readdding. ha
Love Storiesss&Werewolves.
believe it or not, i was totally team vamps before i read
some wolf stories on wattyyy,
i love Mates<3
Texas GirllL. ;)
I can't be meann, its like my best & worst trait.
People @ schoollL call me sunshinee,
because my natural hair is brighhhht blonde& i'm always happy.

according to my test scores i'm like borderline genius,
but i havent gotten the whole organization thing down so a lot of people don't know it.
I have no common sense, you'd think i really was a dumb blonde, but i'm not,

I'm a book addict, when i get in trouble my mom takes away my books or my itouch so i cant get on Wattyyy. ha,

well, thats it. ;)
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Me and My Boys... Are Werewolves

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Description: Lillah comes home to her dad's lakehouse after 3 years and to everyones surprise, the clumsy little tomboy now looks like a supermodel. Her dad is alpha of his pack and his best friend, Matt, is alpha of his own pack. Matt has nine sons who everyone...

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you thief you stole another girls book!!! why don't you try and make up your own story instead of stealing someone else's work!!! ....for a change XP when you steal someone else's work... that just makes your writing ten times as shitty. your just awful when you do that!!!