I play soccer and my favorite color is purple!!!
I am addicted to this site because there so many AMAZING writers on it that are way better than any books I have found in Barnes & Nobles.

Until I found this site I hadn't read a book not having it assigned for 3 years. Now I read a new book practically every day
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      The ride was a whole four hour trip. A lot could happen in four hours. Lots of things. Unmentionable things. I was stealing glances at Cameron, who was in deep conversation with her friend. Th...
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A Sudden Fascination

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Description: Casey moves to a new town in an amazing house with her mom. The first thing she sees in town is an amazing guy who turns out to be best friends with the new neighbor. When she goes back to school, she sees the...


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The Lacteri

The Lacteri

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America is in ruins because of a disease. The world has given up hope of ever returning people back to n...

Parody of 'Airplanes'

Parody of 'Airplanes'

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The title is pretty self explanatory so yeah...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List