Hoi random person who randomly got here! My name is Kate i live in Greece and the things I like is to read books (obviously), listen to music, draw, play video games,I like puns and dad jokes and last I LOVE anime and btw I'm a fujoshi. Also, I just started anime so... 😄 


Death note
Attack on titan (進撃の巨人)
Black butler
Tokyo ghoul
Yuri!!! on ice (ユリ!!! on ice)
Blue exorcist
My hero academia (僕のヒーロー アカデミア)
Assassination classroom.
Swords art online
Noragami (ノラガミ)
Hunter X Hunter
Devil is a part-timer

So I would like to recommend me some if you can. 😊😆

I want to start a book but idk what kind, I have a lot of ideas and idk what to start lol.

Oh also if you're writing a book and you want a drawing of your OC please let me do it if you want to of course. I find it very interesting to do something like that and I think I'm pretty good at it. 😊 😆

Anyway that's all I think feel free to follow me and bye!!
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