Hiii, i came from TikTok, I saw this video about a ronxpansy ff, are you the one who wrote ‘I wanna learn a love  song’?


Hey! Oh my god! Your book is amazing! I love remain nameless so much! I love the character interactions and how Draco has grown so much <33 it was so emotional for me and it was really really heart-warming :)).
          You did such an excellent job in writing and it is such a privilege to even read such perfect work!
          I literally read the book back to back and then listened to the audiobook and I still felt the same emotions I felt the first time i read it.
          You are truly spectacular <33 keep up the good work!


I hope you see this messeage. I read Remain Nameless like crazy for 5 days and even just  finished it. I cried from hapiness in the last episode. 
          The eighth book Rowling owes us is definitely Remain Nameless. If I didn't have my university stuffs, I would definitely like to translate this book into Turkish. 
          I'm starting medical schook this year so I'm so excited. I hope I have a happy story like Draco and Hermione when I finish college and become doctor.
          Remain Nameless is the most elaborate annd wonderful of the Dramione stories. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us.
          Take care :)


@ Deniseofdreams  i wish you that happy ending as Draco and Hermione. :) And i kepp my thimbs for your school, look around for handsome Draco in real life. :D