-Age 15, short, blonde, multi- colored eyes.
-Sophomore, single/crushing
-Artist, photographer, guitarist
-Journalist, writer, bookworm
-Loves pandas, penguins, owls
-Loves food, bed, and books
-Son of Louis and Harry

{Wattpad Besties}



-G. D.

{Random Facts}

-I am a major dork
-I'm extremely clumsy
-I don't like: bacon, peanut butter, or steak
-I call my fans Ashes. Y'all my littles Ashes!
-I suck at math and Chemistry


You know that boy you punched today? He just committed suicide a few minutes ago. You know that girl you called a slut? She's a virgin. You know that man you laughed at because of his scars? He fought for your country. You know that girl you pushed? She gets abused at home. You know that boy you insulted for crying? His mother is dying. You know that girl you gave dirty looks to because she was holding a one year old boy's hand? She was raped at the age of ten. You know that girl you called fat? She has been starving herself for who knows how long. You know that girl you scoffed at for cutting herself? Someone told her to kill herself, and she plans too. If your against bullying, put this in your bio. I know 99% of you won't but 1% of you with a heart will. Bullying is not a joke. Stop it now. #ProjectStandUP

{Official Quote}

Life is like a CAMERA. You FOCUS on what's important, CAPTURE the good times, DEVELOP from the negative and if things don't work out? TAKE ANOTHER SHOT

{Official Hashtag}

For all those kids who are really slow aka me.


y'all can message me anytime you want. I don't care what its about. if you need advice, book ideas, book suggestions, author suggestions, a book cover done for you, or your just bored, PM me, I'm in here everyday, all day so I'll respond fairly quickly. ok baiii

-Asher James
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