Ok first of you half to follow @DontCallMeNyphadora i know her in real life,she thinks shes crazy shes but still shes awsome 
I'm a nerd. I'm weird. i love marvel and books. i love Jim Croce, Beatles, and i'll listen to anything on the radio.
fav quotes "Most people will never know anything but what they see with there own two eyes."-Nightcrawler
You said it yourself bitch were the garidians of the galixy-Peter Quill
You point me in the right directoin or get the hell out of my way-Wolvorine
Fav insults shit speckled muffin fart- Deadpool
im a daughter of Hephaestus or Poseidon
my favorite X-Men are Jeen Gray, Storm, or Rogue
My favorit Marvel superheros (granted X-Men is tecnicly part of marvel) are Black Widow, Wanda Maximof, andLoki
Favorit villans, Loki there you go
Ima Ravenclaw
Ima Virgo

Dear Bullies
You know that boy you pushed earlier
He committed suicide last night
That girl you called fat
She's starving herself and overdosing on diet pills
And that boy you teased for crying
His mom died
You know that man you made fun of for his scars
He fought for our country
The little leather pouch you stole from that man
He was homeless
That girl you called ugly
She spends hours putting make-up on hoping people will like her
That boy you tripped
He gets abused enough at home
Put this on your profile if you are against bullying I bet 95% of you won't but the people with heart and backbone
Single as a pringle
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Story by Pickle the cat
Avenger's  Academy by HeveaplusJambu
Avenger's Academy
10 years after the end of the blip trouble starts to arise and new heros starts to arise with it.
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