Hey guys, I just uploaded a new story that I'm working on, check it out :)


Heyy guys! I know its been so long since I updated any of my stories, but a lot has been going on in my life. I graduated High School, I was working a lot and I start College soon. But my plan is to have a Chapter to each of my stories up by this weekend ok, I'm working on them now. Thank you guys for sticking in there with me, and I love you all so much. Oh yeah, also my friend finally convinced me to make an Instagram after 10,000 years lol. So if you want you can follow me chocolate_gemini223, so I can keep in touch with you guys and you can keep in touch with me. Love ya'll, thanks for all the support 
                                                      * Aliyah *


@HersheyKandii97 Welcome Back..

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