ok so just to let u all know i am by or like both girls and boys and if u don't like it well....i don't give a fuck go die in a hole. oh and i am still in high school so i do not do a lot on hear till summer and this is just for fun so...yeah if u do read my books don't get mad because i have not updated just ask and i will try. :)
i love music and i play the drums, piano, bells, organ, and electric guitar as soon as i can get a case to move it with lol.
i love to play soccer, Xbox, football and whatever we play in gem class.
i have an older sister, and brother and one little sister. my mom and dad are seperated since i was 5 and it is a bad subject so leave it.and i am 16 and live with my dad, brother and little sister.
i have 6 best friends that i love as much as i do my family we are basically a family and i would do every thing for them. :)
i am a tomboy and i love every second of it. :)
i love dogs and wolfs i HATE mules and donkeys but i love horses i have lived in the country ever since i was 5. i live on my grandparents ranch.
ummm. my favorite color is black.
i listen to all music but screamo i hate it and if you like it sorry but i dont get the point in it so yeah.
so this is not all but it is all i can think of for now so....have fun lol. <3
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