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Cadis Etrama Di Raizel is mine ❤️
Byakuya Kuchiki is also mine
Cha Sun Woo (Baro) is mine too
Sa-Ryun as well

Let me live in my fantasies in peace! I DON'T SHARE (lol)

Writing will always be my first love, but medicine is my world now.

I only post updates when I have time, I don't proofread and my stories have lots of errors on them, but why do I keep on writing? Simple, it makes me happy.


Tagalog Stories
* The King of Jerks! (Finished | Published )
* Dollhouse (Ongoing)
* Gusto ko siya eh! Bawal? (On-hold)

* The Famous Meets the Ordinary Trilogy
Book 1: Intertwined (Finished)
Book 2: Crossroads (Finished)
Book 3: Chasing Fates (Ongoing)

The Lady Killer Series
* The Witch and the Womanizer (Finished)
* Accidentally Inlove (On-hold)

English Stories
* Meeting Lucy (Finished)
*The Dark Geisha (Ongoing)
* A Guardian's Sunlight (Ongoing)
* The Boyfriend and the Bias (Ongoing)
* Sealed (Deleted online | Ongoing offline | will be back soon )

Oneshot Stories
* A Fangirl's Dream (Finished)
* A Final Dance with My Guardian Angel (Finished)
* Breathing (Finished)
* The Boy Who Isn't Scared of Anything (Finished)

* Words Unspoken


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Get your tear ducts ready for TFMO Book 3 Chasing Fates: Chapter 47 is up!
      Chasing Fates 47: Torn Apart
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Featured work.

The Boyfriend? or The BIAS?

Social data: 73 reads. 11 votes. 1 comments.

Description: Avomine Luschka Brooks needed someone to pose as her boyfriend because of a nasty rumor she sort of got tangled with. And mind you, not just an average boyfriend, but a very caring, loving and the best boyfrie...


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The Famous Meets The Ordinary: Book 3 - CHASING FATES

The Famous Meets The Ordinary: Book 3 - CHASING FATES

1.7M 22.1K 4.6K

[NO SOFTCOPIES] Weddings, Lies, Secrets, Betrayals, Games and Conclusions. The last book. Will they have...

#814 in Romance
The Famous Meets the Ordinary: Book 1 - INTERTWINED

The Famous Meets the Ordinary: Book 1 - INTERTWINED

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[NO SOFTCOPIES] A cliche beginning of a famous boy and an ordinary girl. When Aston and Lena's world col...

#376 in Teen Fiction
The Famous Meets The Ordinary: Book 2 - CROSSROADS

The Famous Meets The Ordinary: Book 2 - CROSSROADS

1.1M 15.2K 2.5K

[NO SOFTCOPIES] Intertwining, divergent and convergent paths. The changes brought about the ten-year sep...

A Guardian's Sunlight

A Guardian's Sunlight

74 12 0

The story of the Sun and the Moon, the warm and the cold. A boy of ice and the daughter of the sun. Two...

Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List