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Cadis Etrama Di Raizel is mine ❤️
Byakuya Kuchiki is also mine
Cha Sun Woo (Baro) is mine too
Sa-Ryun as well

Let me live in my fantasies in peace! I DON'T SHARE (lol)

I only post updates when I have time, I don't proofread and my stories have lots of errors on them. I have lots of ongoing stories but that's just who I am.



* The King of Jerks!
(Romance | Finished | Published )

* Dollhouse
(Sci-fi | Mystery | Ongoing)

* Gusto ko siya eh! Bawal?
(Rom-Com | On-hold)

* The Famous Meets the Ordinary Trilogy

Book 1: Intertwined
(Romance | Comedy | Finished)

Book 2: Crossroads
(Romance | Comedy | Finished)

Book 3: Chasing Fates
(Romance | Comedy | Drama | Ongoing)

The Lady Killer Series

* The Witch and the Womanizer
(Romance | Comedy | Finished)

* Accidentally In-love
(Romance | Comedy | On-hold)


* Meeting Lucy
(Rom-com | Fantasy | Finished)

*Meeting Lucy (The Revised Edition)
(Rom-com | Fantasy | On-going)

*The Dark Geisha
(Fantasy | Historical | Action | Ongoing)

* A Guardian's Sunlight
(Fanfiction | Fantasy | Ongoing)

* The Boyfriend and the Bias
(Chick-lit | Ongoing)

* Sealed
(Fantasy | Deleted online | will be back soon )

Oneshot Stories:

* A Fangirl's Dream
(Romance | Finished)

* A Final Dance with My Guardian Angel
(Spiritual | Finished)

* Breathing
(Romance | Finished)

* The Boy Who Isn't Scared of Anything
(Free-verse | Finished)

* Words Unspoken (Collection)

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Twitter and Instagram: @_helenaelise

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Dollhouse: The Kyle Corvette Montefalco Story

Social data: 220K reads. 4.5K votes. 843 comments.

Description: [NO SOFTCOPIES] He treats the world as if it is his exclusive doll house and people as his prized dolls, treating human emotion as trash. Pulling the strings above to join him in his lonely play. A mysterious...

#666 in Mystery / Thriller


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HelenaElise's Christmas Special -- FULL CAST

HelenaElise's Christmas Special -- FULL CAST

12.1K 393 98

My yearly Christmas Special for you guys :)

The Boyfriend? or The BIAS?

The Boyfriend? or The BIAS?

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Avomine Luschka Brooks needed someone to pose as her boyfriend because of a nasty rumor she sort of got...

Meeting Lucy! [The Revised Edition]

Meeting Lucy! [The Revised Edition]

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What would you do if you meet an angel who suddenly fell from the heavens? With a dazzling face of kindn...

The Famous Meets The Ordinary: Book 3 - CHASING FATES

The Famous Meets The Ordinary: Book 3 - CHASING FATES

1.8M 22.8K 4.7K

[NO SOFTCOPIES] Weddings, Lies, Secrets, Betrayals, Games and Conclusions. The last book. Will they have...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List