Heyo my name is Healing_dispenser!

I try to find underrated books or good books and add them to my library.

Depends ._.

I'm straight but I don't hate lgbt stuff and I find it normal.. I mean I only care about the attitude...

I'm a straight ally

I love video games, other people's art, mangas, anime, chill music, friendly people, The rain and also listening to dnd stuff becuz they cool and lastly... Romance stuff.

I enjoy a nice friendly chat with the peeps who follow me so yep.

The number one wish that I want? Is to buy a stylus pen and finally draw digital art... But that thing is impossible to happen so I stick up with pencil, paper, ballpen, sharpener and eraser for a while or maybe forever heh.

Anyways I'm here to read, look at
other peep's artbooks and to have fun.

I have parts that I'm shy and not so shy

And also I have struggles on english speakin' but... not that much

Age: 14...

Gender: Male
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