Hey Guys,
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          	I am working on some stuff and I'll keep you in the loop!


Hello your story was really great.  I'm just wondering if you will still continue to update it.. But please, I'm patiently waiting


Right first of all I really want to say a really BIG SORRY for neglecting wattpad this last year, I've had huge changes to my life that have kept most of my time! But now, I'm back and I have a few treats and surprises to you!
           I can promise you I will not be neglecting you again and will be updating regularly due to being house bound due to dislocating my knee which means no work- YAY!! I will be making a few changes to my profile which means I'm afraid for some getting rid of some of my books! If you really don't one of them to be deleted then please just leave a comment! This is your warning!
           I am hoping (hoping to the heaven and back again) that I will be able to publish 'His personal slave' very, very shortly and then I will be able to add more too the second book 'Ice' which I know has had high demands as has 'The perfect love affair', so these will be the books I'm going to be most focused on. 
          Sorry for the long, long message! If anyone has any questions, requests or just you know wanted me to give some feedback if I have time just hit the message board and let me know! -HeBrokeMyHeart xx


HEy....I just read the summary of His Personal Slave...and I will definitely read your story. And I have a suggestions for your Book series, maybe you think it's to boring and I'm not really sure if it's going with your other storys...but I would like 'The Vampire Coven' or 'The slave eXPerience'...hope I could help a little ;)