I've just finished College, hoping (fingers crossed) to get into uni to study English Literature and Creative writing. Aspiring writer, painter and cook - I'll succeed at one of these even if I earn nothing from it! 

I have always been interested in writing and have always written poems and short stories. Except, it wasn't until 2011 that I began to seriously think about it. I was persuaded to do NaNoWriMo and so, November 2011, I wrote Flaming Heart* an adventure love story. It follows the two main characters, Blaine and Izzy, who possess super powers. Mystery, conspiracy and an unknown enemy. I've uploaded some on here so feel free to have a read. It's often free on Kindle too**.

I caught the bug and when it came to doing my Extended Project Qualification at college, I saw the opportunity to write again. I took time with my writing spending 4 months researching before I began to write Rolex Ruby***. It followed the story of 12 year old Ruby Johnson whose family was forced into poverty. Inspired by the current financial state of the country, I wanted to present a different view to the argument. An emotional journey highlighting how much a child's life can be changed and their attitude effected by the financial and geographical state of their family. It too is often free on Kindle****.

I am currently writing the sequel to Flaming Heart and hoping it achieves the same recognition as the first. I hope you enjoy reading my work and would love to hear your comments.




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