Hey my names Haydenn. Haydenn Bridgens. I love to read & write poetry. I joined wattpad to meet new people and friends. All because a @BentleyHeadline My babe... btw...luv him though <3


About MOI!

I love @BentleyHeadline 's music with his band.
I have two cat's called Harry and William
I love england... amazing country...shame i live in Boston.
I'm taken @bentleyheadline <3
My family are performing arts. Been to the schools, shows, EVERYTHING!
No...i will not tell you the name of my school.

I sing and dance. not at the same time though.

more coming soon, Love ya ma stalkers <3

Fan these guys>>>

@THLine - My brother, the so caled man of the house since our parents divorced...lol, he's still not a man...hes 17.

@Gingerlad - ginge! nah, love him to pieces...my brothers best friend since they were like six.

@Carlos96 - Don't like you. I hate you. This im not even writing as a joke... Compleat utter player, hot. But girls don't say i didn't warn you.

@BentleyHeadline - <3 <3 love this boy <3 <3 my brothers band mate {^^ including all the above} and i love him to bits! could not live wohout ya benny boy!

I'm.one of the boys <3
  • In yo bed <3 :P boston, massachusetts
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@xxlollieloverx haha thankyou xx
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