Please tell me what are the stories you want me to update more often and I will do so.

Lover of many types of music, ranging from kpop to jrock and stuff by ATL and P!ATD! And my favorite youtube artist Chester See!

Um, I'll start a whole bunch of stories at a time, so hope you don't get annoyed by it.

Please support my bestie for life, YukiMizuki!

I have a Quizilla account, but lately it's not letting me post any stories so I'm on here!

I'd appreciate it if you check out my stuff and tell me what you think and stuff I should improve on if needed.

So yeah, a few things about me.
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HateMeNever HateMeNever 5 months ago
@HecDaevis Definitely looking forward to the sequel! >_< And I can't wait to read the spin-off with Connor! Thanks for being an amazing author who makes me giggle!
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Bastards, They're Everywhere

Social data: 1.5K reads. 43 votes. 6 comments.

Description: Kristi Rivera, a slave to a horrid old man could only find hope in her boyfriend, but everything changes after she's sold to another man.


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