Heyo, how ya'll doin? Well I'm very childish, yet very mature for my age

( Your most likely here from my comments. Not trying to brag rn but thank you )

I'm funny and cringe worthy all in one amazing bundle, If you purchase one in the next 10 minutes you can buy an extra one for free, just pay shipping and handling and you can get my best friend as well as me! ( I'm also EXTREMELY extra, if you couldn't tell by the fact that I just wrote a whole script for an infomercial. Please don't ask I really don't know, It gets very confusing at times ). Yes, I was bullied before and currently getting bullied. But, I can stop the process in about 5 minutes, but I don't like fighting. #LOGANG4LIFE ( not anymore. 1/13/18 ) #WeNeedMoreRoachRepellent #GodfirstFamilysecond #MabyeifweAllLoveEachother,ThefightingWillStop #Dizaforever #Zabbieforever

( My definition of Roach, is a low down, backstabbing, messed up, piece of Crack that can't shut up. Most of the time, the are girls )

Anyway, go follow my good good friend @yikesgen on ig

Btw if you don't know who anyone David dobrik's family is ( yes, I know I call them family because the are squad goals, literally. I can go into reasons why but that's going to be a book as well ) than.....HONNEE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE LIKE, YOU BEEN LIVIN UNDER A CRAP ( clean content boo ) TON A ROCKS LIKE WHET???????

follower goals-
100- 5/19/18

You know that girl you called fat? She's starving herself. That man you stole money from? He's homeless. That girl you shoved? She gets beaten at home. That boy you made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Post this on your profile if you're against bullying.
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