I'm Harmony. Obviously, lol . Soo..
About Me?
-Renee isn't really my last name, or my middle name. It's actually my mom's middle name that I kind of.. um, borrowed ? Lol, shut up? I liked it. (:
-I'm on this thing like 24/7 -.- and I have a good reason to believe that this is a likely cause of my insomnia. .
-I'm still trying to find myself in the midst of this thing we call life
-When I was little: I tried song writing, quit. I tried writing play scripts, not my style. Tried writing movie scripts, got bored too qick. Tried writing poems, ehh. Tried writing a story, and now I'm here. (:
-The only time I find popcorn really useful is during popcorn fights
-I'm addicted to romance... which is weird, because I'm single .... yerp.
-I'm the person that a lot of my friends go to for relationship advice... which is weird, again, because I'm the single one lawl
-I don't think I'll ever stop writing, it's almost how I express myself
-Ice cream is good, then again, so is pizza.
-I have issues, but you know. Who doesn't??
-I am a very random person . . .
-I'd love to live in my own little world and be with wattpad forever. c: ... then again, friends are cool too . See? Issues.
-I love food. It doesn't backstab, won't leave me, and can't make me cry. Unless, of course, it makes me sick? I guess that counts... BUT i just can't hold a grudge. Against..food. So. I LOVE FOOD. <3
-That kid that your parents warn you about? That may or may not be me... Depends on who's asking . . (:
-Celeb crush?
Harry Styles
-I love music. Like way too much.. Lol
Favorite Artists...
Attack Attack!
One Direction
Metro Station
John Lennon
Good Charlotte
and so many more..
-If I had to pick a favorite show?
Skins UK

PS this bio is so old but i'm too lazy to make a new one, so just IM me if you want to ask me anything ;3
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HarmonyRenee HarmonyRenee Feb 03, 2013 08:40PM
Hey everyone!! So, I have the prologue semi-written for my new story... And I was editing it, but it's really driving me crazy :/ and I just really don't want to look at it anymore. But I DO still wa...
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